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The Norwegian Motorcycle Union (NMCU)

NMCU was formed in 1972 and is the sole organisation looking after the interests of Norwegian road-riding motorcyclists.

NMCU has 15.000 individual members from more than 500 member clubs.

NMCU is lead by a Management Committee, elected at the Annual General Meeting. The organization has Regional Committees in several of Norway's 19 counties and keeps a Secretariat (the NMCU Office) with three fulltime employees, handling the day-to-day business.

Special committees are responsible for Road Safety, Touring and Insurance.

NMCU also holds a seat in the National Motorcycling Council, a consultative body with the other members representing the Department for Transport, the Police, the Norwegian Road Safety Agency and the Industry.

Internationally, NMCU is an active member of the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA).

How to reach us:

The Norwegian Motorcycle Union (NMCU)
P.O. Box 351
N-1502 Moss
Phone: +47 908 37 374  

About this website and language:

The main target for this site is the Norwegian public (both motorcyclists and others), including the government and media. Hence, most of the information herein is in Norwegian, which probably represents an undue challenge to the lingual skills of many foreign readers.

There are some exceptions, though, mainly in the sections listed above. All reports are published in their original language (if possible).

As for the rest; if you're not up to deciphering text with some cross-lingually recognizable words in it, perhaps some of the other English/multilingual sites in our Links section will prove more accessible.

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